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To consider the attached report of the Chief Executive.


The Strategic Director (Corporate Resources) introduced the Performance Report – Quarter 4, 2018/19. 


Members were advised that there were 22 Green, 7 Amber and 4 Red Performance Indicators for Quarter 4. This compared to 23 Green, 5 Amber and 5 Red Performance Indicators for Quarter 3. The 4 Red Performance Indicators were:


·         EKHL1 (Average time taken to re-let council dwellings)

·         EKHC2 (Rent arrears as % of annual debit)

·         EKHC3 (Former tenant arrears as % of annual debit)

·         HOU010a (Number of households living in Temporary Accommodation including B&B)


During the course of considering the Performance Report, Members raised the following points:


KPI06-D (Average call waiting time in seconds)


It was requested by members that the performance indicator be represented consistently as the target was set out in minutes and seconds while the quarterly indicators were represented purely in seconds. It was also requested that clarity be provided as to whether the time measurement was from when a caller first connected to the options menu or from when they first connected to the council. 


EKHL1 (Average time taken to re-let council dwellings)


The Director of Customer Services (East Kent Housing) advised that the reason this indicator was red was down to a variety of factors such as the state of the properties when handed back to the council, contractor workload, asbestos survey and removal and the refusal of tenants to accept properties offered to them. East Kent Housing (EKH) was working with the contractors to speed up refurbishment works and asbestos clearance and with DDC’s Housing Options team to ensure that tenants had the correct information on the property being offered to them.


EKHC2 (Rent arrears as % of annual debit) and EKHC3 (Former tenant arrears as % of annual debit)


The Director of Customer Services (East Kent Housing) advised that he was working was the Council in respect of the impact of Universal Credit arrears. It took on average 18 months for tenants to get out of debt arising from Universal Credit and the council was not expecting to write off the arrears. Members expressed concern that only a small number of tenants had switched over to Universal Credit in the district and that arrears would significantly increase as part of a full switchover.


The Director of Property Services (East Kent Housing) advised Members that all but 6 of the 23 outstanding LGSRs mentioned in the Performance Report had now been resolved. In respect of the 6 outstanding LGSRs, 2 had appointments for the contractor to undertake the LGSR and 4 would be the subject of forced entry.


The Chief Executive (Dover District Council) advised that the four East Kent authorities had made additional resources available to EKH and had indicated that resolving this matter was a priority. However, the number of outstanding LGSRs was now 133 as of 5.00pm on Monday 3 June 2019.


Members expressed concern to EKH that the situation had worsened in the 6 weeks from the end of Quarter 4 to present.


It was proposed by Councillor C D Zosseder, duly seconded by Councillor T A Bond and


RESOLVED:  That, under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public be excluded from the meeting for the remainder of the business on the grounds that the items to be considered involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 3 of Part I of Schedule 12A of the Act.


Members discussed the steps being undertaken by EKH to resolve the issue of the outstanding LGSRs.


It was agreed that an update be provided to the Members of the committee in 2 weeks’ time on the outstanding number of LGSRs and that EKH attend the next meeting of the committee on this matter and the full range of performance indicators, including electrical and fire safety.


RESOLVED: That the public be readmitted.


GOV001 (Number of working days/shifts lost due to sickness absence per FTE) and GOV002 (Number of working days/shifts lost due to long term sickness absence over 10 days per FTE)


Members requested a breakdown of the reasons for both long and short terms sickness. The Chief Executive advised that this would be circulated to members of the committee prior to the next meeting.


HOU011 (The number of households presenting as homeless where a duty to re-house is accepted) and HOU012 (The number of children in B&B and nightly paid)


Members were advised that the majority of households were housed within the district but didn’t rule out offering accommodation outside of the district as it was preferable to being homeless. It was emphasised that this would not affect their housing list points.


The Homelessness PAG met quarterly to consider the performance of the council in dealing with homelessness.


Car Parking Budget Pressures


Members were advised that the end of the management contract for Sainsbury’s car park, the removal of charges at the Tides Car Park and the closure of the old Dover leisure centre had reduced parking income.


RESOLVED:       That it be recommended to Cabinet that new performance indicators are added to East Kent Housing in respect of electrical and fire safety.

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