Agenda item

East Kent Housing Update on Performance Indicators

To receive an update from East Kent Housing on Fire, Electrical and Gas Safety Performance Indicators.


The Chief Executive (East Kent Housing) provided an update to the committee on the following areas:


Gas Safety


Members were advised that, subject to one outstanding property where the LGSR had fallen due over the weekend, all properties in the district now had a valid LGSR and for the last 10 days performance was at 100%. It had been made clear that in future all weekend LGSRs must be undertaken early to ensure 100% compliance. 


Fire Safety


Members were advised that all blocks in Dover (a total of 222 blocks) had a current Type 3 Fire Risk Assessment. There were 9 blocks identified as a substantial risk, with 210 as moderate risk. There were 1490 actions identified in the fire risk assessments and following the approval of a contract for these works by Dover District Council’s Cabinet on 5 August 2019, the contractor was preparing a programme of works. East Kent Housing (EKH) had put in place a number of extra measures to ensure the safety of residents, such as visits every day (including weekends) in the sheltered blocks, until these works were completed.


Electrical Safety


Members were advised that 63.8% of the EICRs required in domestic dwellings were in place and options for completing the remainder were being explored. All communal areas in blocks had a current EICR, and there were no outstanding Category 1 actions although a number of blocks had Category 2 actions, which would be undertaken alongside the fire prevention contract works. It was a requirement to have a new EICR every 10 years but good practice was to work to a target of every 5 years. The expected completion for these works was four months.


An internal audit had also identified a large number of emergency lights which needed to be replaced and these works had now been completed.




Members were advised that there were 275 high and 240 medium risk legionella actions that need to be undertaken, across a total of 29 blocks. Although this work had originally been included in the heating and hot water contract, arrangements were now being made to provide this work separately and the work was being priced up for completion. The new contractor anticipated being in a position to complete the work by the end of the calendar year and additional water sampling and testing was being undertaken until all works were completed.




Members were advised that EKH did not historically hold asbestos data as it was held by the contractor. As a consequence, EKH were waiting for the data to be migrated from the previous contractor into the new contractors system, following a change in contractor earlier in the year. However, EKH were able to access asbestos data through the contractor’s portal and arrangements were being put in place to ensure that in future the data would be held by EKH as well.


Members emphasised the need for robust data integrity and ensuring compliance with contract standards.  


The Chief Executive (Dover District Council) informed the Committee that a further report would be prepared on the options going forward and would come back to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


RESOLVED:  (a)   That East Kent Housing be requested to provide an update to the next meeting the following:


(i)            An update on new systems progress.

(ii)           The targets and progress in respect of gas, fire and electrical safety and legionella inspections.

(iii)          The schedule of inspections and spot checks.