Mailing list

Dover Town Council

Each address below is displayed as a comma separated value (CSV) list. You can copy and paste this information into a text file. Open the file in your word processor or spreadsheet for use in mail merges.

To use this information as a mail merge in a Microsoft Word document, copy and paste all the names and addresses including the headings 'Name, Address1 etc' into a Word document. To put it into table format: Highlight all the text, go to Table/Convert text to table/Make sure 'separate text at commas' is chosen then OK.

Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Ms Allison Burton, Council Offices, Maison Dieu House, Biggin Street, Dover Kent, CT16 1DW
Anuj Bedi, (Address not supplied)
Edward Arthur Biggs, (Address not supplied)
John William Bird, (Address not supplied)
Martin James Bradley, (Address not supplied)
Pamela Mary Brivio, (Address not supplied)
Andy John Calder, (Address not supplied)
Peter James Collins, (Address not supplied)
Nigel Collor, (Address not supplied)
Gordon Cowan, (Address not supplied)
James Robert Defriend, (Address not supplied)
Susan Jane Jones, (Address not supplied)
Janet Ruth Kember, (Address not supplied)
John Andrew Lamoon, (Address not supplied)
Rebecca Lois Madge Sawbridge, (Address not supplied)
Nicolas Shread, (Address not supplied)
Paul David Verrill, (Address not supplied)
Gilda Wanstall, (Address not supplied)
Graham Richard Wanstall, (Address not supplied)