Executive post

Leader of the Council


Portfolio: Leader of the Council


The Leader of the Council provides strategic and political leadership to the authority, and leads in its relations with government, other public bodies, partner organisations and the media and is responsible for encouraging and promoting the prosperity of the District by developing local entrepreneurship, inward investment and community regeneration. 


The Leader of the Council has a wide-ranging brief related to the promoting the district as a destination four inward investment and tourism.


The Council is required to operate a ‘strong leader’ model and executive authority rests with the Leader of the Council.  The Leader has presently delegated functions to members of the executive to the extent necessary to permit collective decision making by the executive.


Main Areas of Responsibility


v  Leadership

v  Policy co-ordination and development

v  Communications

v  Corporate Plan

v  Economic Development

v  Monitoring the accessibility and acquisition of skills and training by all age groups in the District

v  Promoting the district as a destination for inward investment and tourism

v  Museum Services

v  Heritage

v  Arts and Culture

v  Lifelong Learning

v  Skills and Training including relations with training-related bodies


Post is held by