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The Chairman of Dover District Council is the First Citizen in the District of Dover, Deal and Sandwich and takes precedence over all others including the Town Mayors, but excluding royalty and Her Majesty’s deputy, the Lord Lieutenant of Kent. The Chairman is elected annually by fellow Councillors.


The Chairman chairs meetings of full Council, hosts civic events, receives official visitors, represents the District at ceremonial occasions and attends a wide range of events and presentations.




  • The Chairman always has precedence in Dover District except in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen or Her representative.


  • The Chairman and His Lady/Her Escort should be met immediately upon arrival by a responsible person who should escort them to meet their host.


  • Unless the Chairman of the Council occupies the Chair, he/she should be seated on the immediate right of his host/Chairman (assuming Royalty or the Lord Lieutenant of Kent is not present).


  • If the Chairman is to be asked to speak at any dinner or similar function, it will be appreciated if his/her toast or reply could appear early on the toast list and any background information should be sent to the Chairman’s Office in advance.


  • During any speeches, the presence of the Chairman of the District Council should be acknowledged first: e.g. Chairman of the District Council, Town Mayor, others (assuming a Royal visitor or the Lord Lieutenant of Kent is not present).


  • Precedence should be noted when asking the Chairman and other guests to perform duties, e.g. laying of wreaths.


  • Except in cases where the Chairman and His Lady/Her Escort are asked to take part in the reception, the time given should be such as to ensure their arrival five minutes only before commencement of the dinner or other function. This arrangement will avoid unnecessary waiting on their part on their arrival, and will permit them to proceed without delay with the Chairman/their host direct to the place reserved for them.


  • As appropriate to the function, a copy of the toast list or agenda showing the order of proceedings should be forwarded to the Chairman’s Secretary as soon as possible and no later than five days before the event.


  • The Chairman will be accompanied by a Chauffeur/Attendant and he should be advised of parking facilities and of the anticipated time the event will end.


When deputising for the Chairman of the Council, the Vice-Chairman is to be accorded the same precedence as would be given to the Chairman.


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