Shadow Portfolio Holder for Planning and Environment


Portfolio 2:     Planning and Regulatory Services


            The Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regulatory Services is responsible for:


·                 Improvement to the built and natural environment and conserving the heritage of the District

·                 Ensuring that waste and pollution is minimised and that waste produced is recycled or reused as much as possible

·                 Safeguarding the health of the District, including the environmental health function of the Council. 

·                 Ensuring up to date and relevant planning policies



            Main Areas of Responsibility


·                 Development Control

·                 Forward Planning

·                 Local Plan

·                 Core Strategy

·                 Environmental and Public Protection

·                 Environmental Enforcement

·                 Port Health

·                 Corporate Health and Safety

·                 Private Sector Housing

·                 Planning Enforcement

·                 Waste Services

·              Air, Water and Land Quality

·              Nuisance (noise, dust, etc.)

·              Accumulations

·              Dog and Pest Control

·              Food Safety

·              Health and Safety

·              Infectious Disease Control

·              Port Health

·                 Smoke Free Enforcement



Post is held by