Shadow Portfolio Holder for Finance, Governance, Digital and Climate Change


Portfolio 4:     Finance, Governance and Digital


            The Portfolio Holder for Finance, Governance and Digital is responsible for:


·                 Ensuring the effective management and use of the Council's finances, revenue income, non-staff resources and other assets

·                 Co-ordinating the delivery of the Capital Programme

·                 Ensuring that the Council performs to a high standard in accordance with good governance and equality-related principles and that these areas are monitored effectively

·                 Ensuring that the Council maintains good relations with its staff

·                 Supporting the Council's culture of customer care in its delivery of services

·                 Ensuring the effective use of information technology


            Main Areas of Responsibility


            ·          Finance

            ·          Revenue

            ·          Capital Programme and Prudential Borrowing Code

·              Property Investment

            ·          Performance Management and Monitoring

            ·          Corporate Governance

            ·          Corporate Support Services – Audit, Legal and Democratic Services

            ·          Equalities and Diversity

            ·          Human Resources

·                 Digital Services

            ·          Relations with Trade Unions

            ·          Customer Services and Revenues & Benefits




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