Outside body

Dover Coastal Community Team




The DCLG guidelines for Coastal Community Teams are to:


·         Encourage greater local partnership working in coastal areas

·         Support the development of local solutions to economic issues facing coastal communities

·         To work together and with Government to tackle issues facing coastal communities,

·         Encourage the sustainable use of heritage/cultural assets to provide both a focus for

·         community activities and enhanced economic opportunities.




The Dover Coastal Community Team is a delivery group designed to drive forward positive change reflecting these guidelines. We will do this by:


·         Establishing a shared set of principles, policies and operating standards Working together to

·         make our Coastal Community a better place to live and work in, and to visit

·         Developing and delivering a strong Dover Coastal Community Economic Plan

·         Establishing links with Further Education and Higher Education establishments to improve

·         relevant skills within the area

·         Being inclusive of and transparent to stakeholders


DCLG priorities for the Coastal Community Teams are to focus on, but not be limited to:


·         Enhancing the attractiveness and accessibility of public areas

·         Providing increased community facilities

·         Promoting the visitor economy

·         Encouraging sustainable uses of heritage/cultural assets

·         Creating links to support the growth and performance of the retail sector

·         Supporting the development of relevant skills in the district