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Changes to structure and delegations following the contracting of services to Civica

Meeting: 25/04/2018 - General Purposes Committee (Item 21)

Restructure of East Kent Services

To consider the report of the Head of Paid Service (to follow).

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The Director of Governance presented the report on the restructure of East Kent Services.


It was moved by Councillor M D Conolly, duly seconded and


RESOLVED:       That, subject to the Executive Leader raising no objection, pursuant to Prescribed Standing Orders, to appoint Andrew Stevens, (Head of Shared Services from 1 May 2018), as Head of Collaborative Services from 1 May 2018.

Meeting: 11/04/2018 - East Kent Services Committee (Item 9)

Changes to structure and delegations following the contracting of services to Civica

(This report is exempt from publication as it relates to information concerning individuals and as such paragraph 1 of part 1 of schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972 applies.)


TO CONSIDER the report of the Chief Executive of Thanet District Council.


The Chief Executive of Thanet District Council introduced the report, which set out the proposed structure that had been developed following consultation with staff and relevant trade unions.


The Committee was requested to approve the new structure and the changes to the associated delegations to be effective from 1 May 2018.


The report set out the following options:


(i)            To accept the proposed new structure and associated changes to delegation in order to ensure the future East Kent Services (EKS) structure is able to provide the joint client function for the management of the Civica contract and also able to deliver the target savings outlined in previous reports.


(ii)           Not to accept the proposed new structure and associated changes to delegation and to ask Councils to consider alternative methods to achieve the equivalent savings required.




(1)  To approve the implementation of the new structure for East Kent Services, as outlined in the report and for the structure to be effective from 1 May 2018;


(2)  To note that the changes outlined in the proposed restructure include the removal of the existing Director of Shared Services position in favour of a lower graded role of Head of Shared Services;


(3)  To agree the changes to the existing delegations that currently flow from East Kent Services Committee to the Director of Shared Services (and Director of Collaborative Services); specifically, to approve the amendment of the wording in the existing delegations to delete references to the ‘Director of Shared Services and Director of Collaborative Services and to insert ‘the Head of Shared Services and Head of Collaborative Services’ as applicable;


(4)  To request the Monitoring Officers and Chief Legal Officers of Thanet District Council, Dover District Council and Canterbury City Council to make the necessary changes to the existing Collaboration Agreement and other associated documentation in order to give effect to such changes outlined in recommendation (3) to this report; further noting that any such proposed changes (to the Collaboration Agreement) will be taken to each Council for individual agreement prior to being brought back to this Committee.


Reasons for the decision – it provided a more balanced and appropriate structure for the remaining EKS, ensuring the correct level of capability to deliver the residual services (ICT and HR) and enabled effective and robust contract management of the Civica contract on behalf of the councils. It also enabled the delivery of the expected efficiency savings within the residual component of EKS.