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The Dover district is divided into two areas, known as parliamentary constituencies, each of which elects a Member of Parliament (or MP) to represent the people of their constituency in the House of Commons at Westminster.


The Dover Constituency covers the towns of Dover and Deal and all the district council wards with the exception of Sandwich and Little Stour and Ashstone which form part of the South Thanet Constituency.


The last general election was held on Thursday 7 May 2015 and the date of the next general election is set for May 2020 under the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011. The Act requires that a general election be held on the first Thursday in May every 5 years. An earlier general election may be called if a motion of no confidence is passed in a Government and no new Government can command the confidence of the House of Commons within 14 days or if two thirds of MP's pass a motion calling for an earlier general election.


If you are unsure of which constituency you live in, the website of the UK Parliament offers a facility to search for your MP based on your postcode.


To find out how to contact your MP please click on their name.


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