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Dover Joint Transportation Advisory Board
Monday, 29th June, 2020 6.00 pm, NEW

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    No. Item



    To receive any apologies for absence.



    It was noted that apologies for absence had been received from District Councillor M J Holloway, and Messrs B W Bano (Deal Town Council), K Gowland and A P Minns (Kent Association of Local Councils).


    Appointment of Substitute Members

    To note appointments of Substitute Members.


    It was noted that, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 4, Councillor R S Walkden had been appointed as a substitute member for Councillor M J Holloway, and  Mr L Kettlewell was the nominated substitute for Mr B W Bano (Deal Town Council).


    Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 143 KB

    To receive any declarations of interest from Members in respect of business to be transacted on the agenda.


    There were no declarations of interest.


    Minutes pdf icon PDF 125 KB

    To confirm the attached minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 28 November 2019.


    The minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2019 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


    Proposed Extension of Pay & Display Charging Period pdf icon PDF 133 KB

    To consider the attached report of the Strategic Director (Operations and Commercial).

    Additional documents:


    The Transport and Parking Services Manager presented the report which outlined proposals to extend the charging period for on and off-street Pay & Display parking places in the district by one hour to 6.00pm.   


    In response to Councillor D G Cronk, she estimated that the proposal would generate around £75,000 in additional income, although the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic might affect that.  In response to concerns raised by two members, she advised that adding the hour to the end rather than the beginning of the charging period was likely to have a lesser impact on local residents who used these spaces in the absence of garages or off-street parking.  In addition, it would pick up some of the night-time economy.  Parking charges in Sandwich were generally lower than elsewhere in the district in recognition that there was less on-street parking available in the town.  She emphasised that Dover’s charging period was still significantly shorter than those of its neighbours.  Whilst Cabinet had agreed that the change would be reviewed in two years’ time, in practice Officers would monitor it continually and take on board any concerns raised in the meantime. 


    RESOLVED:  That it be noted that the Pay & Display charging period for both on and

                           off-street parking places in the district had been extended by 1 hour at 

                           the latter end of the charging period, from 9.00am to 6.00pm.


    Amended Charging Period for St Margaret's Bay and Introduction of New Car Park Permits pdf icon PDF 224 KB

    To consider the attached report of the Strategic Director (Operations and Commercial).


    The Transport and Parking Services Manager (TPSM) introduced the report which outlined proposals to amend the charging period for St Margaret’s Bay car park, and to introduce three new car parking permits.  


    The proposal for St Margaret’s Bay would see the charging period amended to apply between 1 March and 31 October.   The wording of the current charging period was confusing for members of the public and Officers alike.   The introduction of three new annual permits would give residents an additional option.  In response to Councillor S C Manion, the TPSM confirmed that there would be a heightened enforcement presence at St Margaret’s Bay following the change.  There were currently no restrictions on who could apply for permits and how many they could request.   Councillor N J Collor pointed out that the permits were competitively priced when compared to neighbouring authorities.


    RESOLVED:   That it be noted:


    (a)   That the amended charging period for St Margaret’s Bay car park would be extended to apply from 1 March to 31 October.


    (b)   That three new additional car parking permits had been introduced.


    Proposed On and Off-Street Parking Restrictions for Kearsney pdf icon PDF 132 KB

    To consider the attached report of the Strategic Director (Operations and Commercial).

    Additional documents:


    The Parking Operations Manager (POM) introduced the report which detailed proposals to introduce double yellow lines along sections of Alkham Road and Lower Road in order to address an existing problem of dangerous and inconsiderate parking by some people using Kearsney Abbey which was likely to worsen once the restoration of the park was complete.   In addition, members’ attention was drawn to the provision of two refurbished car parks at Kearsney Abbey: the café car park and a main/overflow car park. 


    In response to Councillor P M Beresford, the POM assured members that enforcement would be increased on days when visitor numbers were likely to be at their highest.  Vehicles contravening the restrictions would be issued with penalty charge notices.  He confirmed that the proposals would be subject to a 21-day consultation period, with any objections coming back to the Board.   It was also confirmed that the introduction of the restrictions and the opening of the new car parks would be coordinated to ensure that the former were not installed before the latter were operational.  Members were advised that there would be a total of 112 parking spaces at Kearsney Abbey. 


    In response to Councillor C A Vinson who queried what arrangements would be in place to manage the increased number of visitors to Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens, the POM advised that the Park & Ride facility would operate during the summer season from Kearsney camp site and would offer an additional 100 parking spaces.  Practice runs had already taken place, and it was recognised by the Parks and Open Spaces team that there would need to be plenty of signage and website promotion of the facility. 


    RESOLVED: (a) That it be recommended that the proposed ‘No waiting at any time’

    restrictions, as detailed in the report, be formally advertised and, in the event that no objections are received, be recommended for sealing by Kent County Council so as to bring them into effect.   (Any objections received in respect of the formal advertisement would be referred to a future meeting of the Board for further consideration, prior to making any final recommendations.)


    (b)   That it be noted that there would be two new surface car parks at Kearsney Abbey, namely a café car park and a main and overflow car park.


    Highway Works Programme - 2020 Onwards pdf icon PDF 738 KB

    To consider the attached report of the Director of Highways and Transportation, Kent County Council.


    The Dover District Manager (DDM) presented the report which provided an update on schemes that had been programmed for delivery in 2019/20.


    In response to Councillor Collor who requested an update on schemes that had been due for completion by April, the DDM advised that, whilst all contractors had shut down for a six-week period due to COVID-19, they were now operational.  She undertook to provide an update on Old Park Hill and Cullen’s Yard.  Councillor T A Bond questioned why a road in a development at Station Road, Walmer had not been adopted by KCC when the Planning Committee had requested that it be adopted.  The DDM advised that she could not comment on Planning matters.  However, she was aware that more and more developers were deciding not to go through KCC’s onerous road adoption procedures, including construction to KCC’s standards.  This left roads unadopted and residents with a maintenance responsibility.  


    In response to several matters raised by Councillor J P Haste, she clarified that soakaways were generally holes filled with rubble that would hold water until it soaked away into the ground.  Sometimes it was necessary to bore down into more porous material.  She advised that KCC endeavoured to re-use materials if possible, and always in conservation areas, but materials like concrete slabs would not be re-used.  She undertook to provide figures on the energy-saving properties of LED lighting. 


    In respect of proposals for a zebra crossing at Dover Road, Walmer which had subsequently been withdrawn, she advised that, although a crossing  had initially been proposed, on reflection it had been decided, based on experience, that a different type of scheme would be more appropriate as there was a danger that drivers would become complacent if the crossing was infrequently used.   The revised scheme would involve extra road markings, signage and red surfacing.  In response to concerns raised by Councillor C A Vinson at KCC’s apparent about turn, she clarified that the geography of the site limited what could be done there.  There was insufficient room for a mini roundabout and installing traffic lights would be prohibitively expensive.  Comments on the proposed scheme and other suggestions were welcome.


    In response to Mr P Carter who queried why the upgrading of the zebra crossing in New Street and the road’s resurfacing had not been done at the same time, the DDM advised that the zebra crossing upgrade had had to be brought forward so it did not clash with works planned by Southern Water.  Resurfacing the road would have entailed asking people to leave their houses during lockdown which would have been unacceptable.  Added to this, most contractors had shut down for six weeks.   The road needed resurfacing before the Open Golf tournament, and it could not have been predicted at the time of scheduling that shops would be re-opening after the pandemic.  Works to the footway near the level crossing at St Bart’s Road were part of a bigger scheme, timed to coincide with the school holidays and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 38.


    Exclusion of the Press and Public pdf icon PDF 103 KB

    The recommendation is attached.


    The procedure for determining applications for on-street disabled persons’ parking bays is attached.



    Additional documents:


    It was moved by Councillor N J Collor, duly seconded and


    RESOLVED:       That, under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public be excluded from the meeting for the remainder of the business on the grounds that the item to be considered involved the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraphs 1 and 2 of Part I of Schedule 12A of the Act.


    Applications for Disabled Persons' Parking Bays

    To consider the attached report of the Strategic Director (Operations and Commercial).


    The Parking Operations Officer (POP) presented the report which outlined details of eight disabled parking bay applications.  There were no existing bays for removal. 


    Applications A to H met all the criteria and their formal advertisement was therefore recommended.   In respect of concerns raised by Councillor E A Biggs about proposals at Clarendon which was a very congested area with poor access, the POP recognised that there was a serious parking problem in the area.  However, if applicants qualified for mobility/disability payments, it was not for Officers to question this.  He reassured members that he worked closely with parking colleagues when assessing applications, and potential solutions to address the situation at Clarendon, such as a residents’ parking scheme, were currently being investigated.  


    RESOLVED:   That it be noted that Applications A to H would be formally advertised and, in the event that no objections are received, they will be sealed by Kent County Council.  (Should any objections be received during the consultation process, the applications will be discussed with the Chairman of the Dover Joint Transportation Board for a final decision.)


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