Agenda item

Crime and Disorder Update

To receive a crime and disorder update.


The Head of Transformation introduced the Crime and Disorder Update.


Also present were:


·         Inspector Paul Barrell (Kent Police)

·         Inspector Leigh Woolnough (Kent Police)

·         Community Services Manager

·         Principal Community Development Officer

·         Community Safety, CCTV and Emergency Planning Team Leader

·         Councillor O C de R Richardson, Portfolio Holder for Community and Corporate Property


The presentation covered the following points:


An update on the Neighbourhood Policing (NHP) Review


Members were informed that Kent Police had a forecast budget deficit of £16-20 million in 2023/24. However, the proposed changes to NHP would maintain or enhance the service to the public and in particular the service provided to victims and witnesses. The required savings would therefore not compromise the overarching principles behind NHP.


The new model for the Dover CSU would see an increase in the number of constables from 8 to 18 with a reduction in PCSO’s from 9 to 6, resulting in an overall increase in Dover CSU numbers from 20 to 27. There would also be centrally controlled but locally based assets such as the rural policing taskforce and licensing and ASB officers.


Every ward would also have a named contact officer assigned and there would be quarterly meetings with councillors and other elected representatives.


Recorded crime in the Dover District


There had been work undertaken to map where the areas of greatest harm were in the Dover District and the three with the highest levels of harm were Town and Castle Ward (22%), St Radigunds Ward (13%) and Buckland Ward (8%).


In terms of solved crime, this was 10.7% for the Dover District. This compared to 7.8% nationally and 10.2% countywide. Only Folkestone and Hythe had a better rate in East Kent.


My Community Voice


In terms of community engagement, Kent Police would provide a monthly newsletter and ward updates via ‘My Community Voice’. Members were urged to sign up to this at and asked to encourage constituents to also do so.




Members were advised that CCTV data had been involved in capturing 3114 incidents across the district from 111 cameras. The top five incident types were as followed:


·         Nuisance Youths (305)

·         Disturbance (245)

·         Alcohol Related Disorder (245)

·         Shoplifting (175)

·         Assault (172)


Community Safety


Members were advised that the Community Safety Team had developed a newsletter that provided an update on the work of the team.


Beehive Project – The Council had worked with the Dover Outreach Centre and the Vineyard Church to set up a Safe space for those who may be deemed as vulnerable in the Community. The Safe space would be operated by volunteers who had received training to support vulnerable people seeking support services.



Community Development Projects


Aspire Project – this project aimed to tackle rising unemployment and obesity holistically through gardening and eating well. The project had 94 active participants in East Kent.


Roots to Work – this project would co-ordinate and implement the set-up of a mobile hub to help the over 50 year olds looking to get back into employment utilising the Community Roots Van.


Inspire Families – this was a one-year project that supported 328 households to complete an activity together as a family.


Inspire – this project had been running for 7 years and had dealt with over 2,000 referrals for children and young people. The project aimed to help young people overcome challenging circumstances to create new friendships, develop healthy lifestyles, build confidence, and have opportunities to learn new skills.


Members welcomed the presentation and discussed the proposed changes to Neighbourhood Policing, which were cautiously welcomed. The need for a named officer for each ward was emphasised following changes to the PCSO structure.


In respect of community services, Members praised the work of the team and the positive working relationship between officers and Members. The improved data relating to ASB was also welcomed.


Councillor C D Zosseder thanked Kent Police and officers for attending the meeting and providing an informative update on crime and disorder. She suggested that a dedicated crime and disorder meeting may be something to consider for future updates.