Election results for Mill Hill

Dover District Council - Thursday, 3rd May, 2007
Comparison with previous election

 Labour Party Hold Michael Robert EDDY was elected with a majority of 1.40%, a change of -13.62% from the previous election. A total of 4583 votes were cast, representing a turnout of 32.70% .

Table of main parties and election candidates retaining deposit
Election CandidatePartyNumber%Status% Change
Michael Robert EDDYLabour Party98321.45%Newly electedn/a
Benet Walter BANOLabour Party91920.05%Newly electedn/a
Mark Simon FURNIVALLabour Party90019.64%Re-elected-15.43%
Peter David JULLConservative Party50310.98%Not electedn/a
Wayne Edward ELLIOTTConservative Party49610.82%Not electedn/a
Roger ROOKConservative Party49310.76%--4.22%
Marianne Jill SEWELLLiberal Democrats2896.31%Not electedn/a

This information is provided for information only and does not constitute the official declaration of election result.