Governance Committee Chairman


Purpose of Role:


To chair meetings of the Council's Governance Committee in accordance with the Committee's terms of reference; to provide leadership and direction to the Committee on detailed financial and audit matters brought before Committee.


Duties and responsibilities (in addition to those of a Chairman of a Committee):


(a)   Maintain and update a working knowledge of the Council's financial practices, budget process and timetable, draft and year end accounts.

(b)   Have an overall understanding of the various functions and service areas of the Council with regard to audit reports on performance levels.

(c)   To have a working knowledge of the Council's Constitution in order to undertake reviews and recommend changes to Council.

(d)   To work closely with the Director of Governance, the Head of Audit Partnership and the Director of Finance, Housing and Community in respect of reports to be considered by Committee.

(e)   To undertake training on new or amended legislation, regulations or procedures as required.


Specific skills required (in addition to those of a Chairman of a Committee):


·         Attention to detail, analytical and numeracy skills.

·         Understanding of corporate risk assessment and management and the system of internal control.

·         Ability to clarify and explain detailed information.

Post is held by